About us

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  • Overview

    Founded in 1997, Top Source International is world class provider of staffing services and outsourcing solutions that focuses on what we do well. We provide the flexibility our clients require to be a true business partner. With over two decades of demonstrated industry leadership, we adapt to the ever changing landscape to ensure our clients success. Today’s swiftly progressing technological landscape favors the adaptable and the advanced, leaving unprepared organizations in the history books. With our suite of services, look to us to run with you to attack the challenges of today, and to preempt the trials of tomorrow.

  • Core Values

    We have been in the industry for 20+ years now, served hundreds of Clients and placed thousands of people in jobs they loved. Our core value has always been People First. Clients & Candidates love us equally well for our commitment to high professional standards, quality and our tireless pursuit to bring the very best to all our engagements. Every job is different and each candidate is unique. We apply our analytical inputs to identify the best match between a job and candidates.

  • History and Culture

    Top Source emerged when developing demand for individualized staffing solutions met the ambition of a small group of experts to offer services beyond conventional, one-size-fits-all methods. We founded Top Source on the principles of authenticity, future readiness, and mutual disdain for complacency. Working with the objective of becoming a business partner. Our tailored solutions and creativity were met with successes that quickly expanded across the financial services, accounting & finance, legal, insurance, health care, telecommunications, government, and technology fields. Today, we initiate and conclude every project with the same principles in mind, leaving us uniquely positioned to offer an expansive array of services for clients in any industry.

  • Proven Practices

    Real relationships, uncompromising effort, and the pursuit of perfection. These qualities have defined our work since the day we came together, and two decades later our solutions still reflect them. Chosen by many for our commitment to listening and open communication, clients seek out and return to us because they know every project begins and ends with them. We understand that no two organizations are identical. Our experts closely listen to every detail, tailoring questions and recommendations to ensure client visions emerge in the best form to advance their individual goals.